This Month in Marin FC summarizes the month’s news and notes in a series of ‘high-level’ briefs from various club constituents.

In This Edition


From the President

Evan Cross

Here are a few highlights and news tidbits from the past month:

What a glorious fall … I’m sure it will begin raining any moment now.

With Thanks
November is inextricably linked in our culture with giving thanks. We can be thankful that this autumn’s weather has been warm and dry. Field day was especially emblematic of a perfect Marin afternoon and evening in these days of waning sunlight. Fair skies have supported virtually uninterrupted trainings on our fields. Amidst these perfect shadows, one can only assume change is on the horizon.

Best Wishes
Good luck to all our players vying for spots on their respective high school teams, and for the impending season. Daylight savings will wreak its havoc on afternoon hours as teams continue into the winter months or make that last fall dash in search of Thanksgiving tournament play. It’s also certain that everyone’s schedules will compress with the onrushing crush of holiday plans and parties.

In Reflection
November is also a time for introspection and feedback. In other words, enough about what I think. Soon, I’ll be holding ‘office hours’ again for Managers and Treasurers, particularly for those teams finishing this fall. This provides a chance to sit down and have team leaders tell the club leaders exactly how things went or are going, and how improvements can be spotlighted and achieved.

More broadly, everyone should look for an invitation and link to take part in our November Program Survey, providing each and every member of our club with an opportunity to weigh-in on their experiences season-to-date. For teams ending in the fall, your insights and opinions will help set the stage for next year, and for teams continuing on into the spring, your shared understanding can more immediately inform and impact the coming months.

The forecast then: A mix of thanks and change. Thanks for all we enjoy and the ever-present ability to make it better.

Evan Cross, President


From the Director of Coaching

Joshua Kalkstein

Here are a few highlights and news tidbits from the past month:

In Field Play
There was an abundance of league, State Cup and tournament play this past month. Several teams did exceptionally well in tournaments (too many to speak to) but sufficed to say, it was an impressive month for the club with Blue, Red, White and Black teams on both sides of the gender pool enjoying great success. With high school play now in full swing, it was the last month with uninterrupted training and games until our “olders” return in the spring after a somewhat truncated practice and game schedule through month’s end.

On Field Day
Field Day was a great success this year with an overwhelming number of players and coaches in attendance. Bubble soccer, small-sided games and soccer tennis, as well as accuracy, juggling and speed gun contests, kept everyone entertained and thoroughly engaged. A big thank you to everyone that made the event a resounding triumph!

In Memoriam
I’m saddened to report the loss of one of our own this month. Randy Folgar, who captained the ’90 blue boys’ for many years, passed away at the tender age of 27. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, loved ones, and teammates. Randy will be missed but always carried in our hearts.

– Josh Kalkstein, DOC


In the Spotlight

This month’s spotlight features an interview with University of Pennsylvania sophomore, Chase Geffert. Here’s what she had to say:

Chase GeffertTell our readers a little about yourself.
I was born in San Francisco but have lived my entire life with my parents, Tom and Kieran, and younger brother, Jack (now a senior at Marin Catholic), in Mill Valley. I too attended Marin Catholic and played varsity soccer and basketball all four years, starting on both teams for three of them. During my junior year, the Marin County Athletic League moved soccer from a spring to a winter sport, so I had to choose between the two. I opted for soccer my junior year and basketball my senior year. I thought about playing both in college but ultimately decided that soccer was my true passion.

Recollect your Marin FC experience if you will.
Marin FC was a tremendous building block for my soccer ability and love of the game. We had so much fun traveling to Las Vegas, Orlando, Virginia and especially San Diego. It was like a big sorority and I always felt comfortable training and competing with so many different players and coaches. It prepared me really well for college.

What other schools did you look at and why did you ultimately Penn?
I started the college process with a huge list approaching 20 schools. After talking and visiting with coaches, I narrowed the choice down to three of them, Santa Clara, Georgetown and Penn. I visited Penn the summer going into my junior year and instantly knew it was the place for me. The campus was extremely impressive and located in the middle of a beautiful city. Penn’s coaches and players were engaging, personable and welcoming, and it didn’t hurt that I was being offered a world-class education and membership to the Ivy League to boot!

Chase Geffert

What were some of the adjustments you had to make to successfully transition from club to collegiate ball?
The cliché answer is the speed of the game, but it’s true. I had to learn to get the ball out of my feet quicker and make decisions faster to avoid getting stripped or tackled. I was used to being the tallest and strongest player on the field through my years with Marin FC, but when I walked onto the college pitch, that was no longer the case. The competition is severe, and I have to constantly raise my game.

Summarize your collegiate soccer career to date. What have been some of the highlights?
The start of my freshman year was hard. I didn’t play at all during the first two games, but fortunately for me I subbed in during the third game, found my home and never looked back. With the help of great teammates and coaches, I made Honorable Mention All-Ivy and was honored as Penn’s co-Rookie of the Year. This year, my sophomore season, has been amazing. We’ve clinched at least a share of the Ivy League Title, and with a win or tie against Princeton this Saturday, we’ll be solo first place. We’re hoping to win that game and get a bid to the NCAA tournament. This season has been special, and I’ve helped anchor a defense that leads the nation in goals-against average and save percentage.

What are you learning as a collegiate athlete that you’ll take into post collegiate life?
I think organizational and team-building skills are strengths that I will carry with me. Additionally, the unity I’ve experienced this year has helped me learn that so much can be accomplished when people work hard towards a common goal.

From athletics to academics. What are you studying?
I’m majoring in health and societies, concentrating in markets and finance, and minoring in health care management.

Any interests outside of soccer?
All sports! I have many friends on different Penn teams, and my roommates and I go to as many games as possible to support them. I also have an appreciation for good food.

Any thoughts about life after college?
I will most likely enter the workforce as a consultant in the healthcare field though I’m still undecided on grad school.

The Marin FC alumni community is alive and well. Do you keep in touch with many of your former teammates?
One of my best friends at Penn, McRae Fried, is a Marin FC alum and current Quaker teammate. I also keep in touch with Natalie Orsi, Lauren Foehr, Sara Young, Liz Martin and other MFC alums from different age groups.

Anyone you want to thank or recognize at Marin FC?
I would like to thank all the Marin FC coaches. Collectively they really prepared me for the next level. Rob Funes and Tyler Gottschalk were especially helpful throughout the college process and I still keep in touch with them today.

Before I let you go, give us a little insight into your interests and passions. Name three books on your book shelf, three gadgets you couldn’t live without, and three artists/bands in your iPod.
For books … Relentless, I’ll Give You the Sun, and Sweetbitter. In terms of gadgets … my phone, watch, and computer. And as far as music goes … Drake, Chance the Rapper, and Quinn XCII.

How can our readers follow you if they’d like to track your athletic activities?
They can follow our team at or on Instagram/Twitter at @pennwsoccer.


From the Director of Development

Ian Tonks

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