Club Code of Conduct

Fostering from all involved a positive club environment that promotes self-discipline, character, sportsmanship, and leadership is an indispensable element of the Marin FC mission. The Club Code of Conduct expresses our core values and goals in this endeavor and applies to players, parents and spectators. All must adhere to the following where applicable:

Marin FC


  • I am making a commitment to my teammates, the team, the club and myself for an entire season. The team is a small unit and its success depends on the commitment made by all to the training environment we jointly create. I will put team goals and success above personal glory.
  • I will attend every team training and match that I possibly can. I will show up on time, stay for the full session, and give my full effort. I will honor all specific commitments I make at Marin FC and elsewhere, particularly at school.
  • I will honor an honesty pact with my coach and will take responsibility for communicating with coaches with mutual respect and deference to their leadership role and responsibilities. Specifically and when things may be unnerving or particularly upsetting, I will observe a “24 hour cooling off period” before seeking any forum on an issue. 
  • I will safeguard my health through a healthy diet and the avoidance of prohibited or harmful substances. I will encourage and assist others in doing the same.
  • As a parent, I will support my player, their teammates and their coach(es) as a contributor when called upon, an example and role model at all times, and by refraining from ‘coaching’ my player or others in the team space.


  • I will consistently exhibit good character, self-control and conduct myself as a positive role model and representative of my team, club and sport. I will endeavor to acknowledge in others their efforts, improvements and accomplishments. 
  • I will be worthy of trust in all I do and will live up to high ideals of ethics, fairness and sportsmanship and pursue victory with honor; I will do what’s right even when it’s unpopular or personally costly.
  • I will live and compete honorably and with class by not lying, cheating, stealing or engaging in any other dishonest or unsportsmanlike conduct such as bravado or ‘trash-talk’. I will safeguard the integrity of the game.
  • I will treat all people respectfully at all times, as I would expect to be treated. I will respect at all times game officials and opponents, and will be gracious in victory or defeat by keeping the game in proper perspective.
  • I will never intentionally injure any player or engage in reckless behavior that might cause injury to myself or to others.
  • I will offer positive and constructive words and encouragement to my teammates during training and matches and will leave instruction for the coach to deliver. I will not malign others whether in there presence or not.


  • When the team is traveling, I will adhere to the Club Code of Conduct, the Club Travel Policy and any team policies implemented during travel.

Disciplinary Action

All disciplinary action for any violation of this Code of Conduct is within the sole discretion of the team Coach, the club’s Senior Technical Staff and the Board of Directors. Disciplinary action may include suspension or expulsion of a player or parent. No reimbursement of fees or other costs will be made to a dismissed player or the player’s family.